Tuesday, July 06, 2010

TWD: Tarte Noire

Whew! Just got in under the Tuesday deadline. This one was rich, creamy, and totally simple.

Here's what made it simple: I had two 4" tart crusts already baked and hanging out in my freezer. They were chocolate, so that added to the super richness of this dish.

I picked out some of my favorite Lindt Intense Orange chocolate. Yum! I made 1/4 of the recipe for the two tart shells. Here's how I know this is a very versatile recipe. I had no heavy cream for the ganache. I used what I had. I'm almost embarrassed to say it. I used fat free half and half. There. I said it. You heat the cream. Pour it over the chocolate. Add the butter. And then put the whole thing in the fridge. Dead easy.

It certainly didn't set up as well as it would have if I had used heavy cream. It was much creamier - more like a pudding. Still, the flavor was excellent.

Pardon the lousy photos. We were out of natural light. No real sheen on the tart. Ah well.

The slight lumps are the almond slivers in the chocolate.

I would absolutely make this again.

Thanks Dharmagirl for choosing this one!


Kayte said...

And I thought I was the last to post this week...I beat you, but not by much. This was a big hit with the guys (had to gussy it up with some whipped cream of course as the guys are all about the whipped cream on things). Your little minis look great. I loved how easy this all was...so why did I wait until the last minute??? Who knows, probably b/c it was chocolate!

mike said...

Hey - all these variations - love 'em! Orange chocolate, now I've GOT to try that. Looks great even under kitchen lights! :) Fat free? I'll never tell! :)

SiHaN said...

congratulations on making the deadline! haha. It's rather lax anyway since we just can't get enough of chocolate tarts. And orange flavored chocolate... YUM!

Rachel said...

I was out of cream too! So I used regular 1/2 and 1/2. It was not as solid as I would have liked. But delish! :)

Clivia said...

I was hoping someone would use a flavoured chocolate. Your tart looks delicious!