Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TWD: Devilish Shortcakes

I just made these this afternoon. When the kids got home from school, they WANTED TO EAT THEM. I made them wait until after dinner. I'm such a mean mom.

I forget how much I like shortcake. I also forget how easy it is. I halved the recipe, and I still got nine pretty decent sized shortcakes. I did make one substitution. The girl is on a total eggnog kick. I found chocolate eggnog at our local Trader Joe's. I thought she would like it. I was wrong. Ah well. I didn't have whole milk, but I did have chocolate eggnog!

The fillings were kid's choice. The Boy chose my mom's pear and cranberry relish. The Girl chose hot chocolate ice cream. Both asked for whipped cream. Both enjoyed it a lot. The real taste comes from the filling. The eggnog flavor is not really discernible. There is a slight eggnoggy taste, but nothing you'd be able to pick out.

I'm not sure that I'd make these again unless I had some really good summer berries. The kids would like it if I made them all the time. Then again, they aren't that picky.

This is a photo of last week's treat:

Thanks to Tania of Love Big, Bake Often for this week's treat.


Clivia said...

I love making the kids wait to eat my desserts. "Don't touch that. It hasn't been photographed yet!"
Nicely done!

spike. said...

looks like a great pair of after school treats

Tia said...

great job! and I totally agree with Clivia on the "don't touch that, i need to take a picture thing"... haha food bloggers are a strange breed.

TeaLady said...

Yep, it was definitely the fillings that gave these flavor.

Creative kids. Good taste.