Monday, April 18, 2011

Not a TWD: It's Passover

So, nothing leavened here. Dinner for 15 tonight, though, so there was some serious cooking going on. In the past four days I made: chicken soup, matzo balls, almond macaroons, matzo toffee, orange chiffon cake, matzo farfel kugel, roasted asparagus, hard boiled 18 eggs, charoset, and roasted salmon.

The seder was lovely. The friends were even lovelier. Passover ends next Monday night, so I'll try to get the next recipe in before posting time.

Looking forward to more matzo at my house!

Go see Jeanette at The Whimsical Cupcake for this week's recipe.


Cakelaw said...

Your Passover feast sounds lovely!

Kayte said...

I was wondering how the dinner went, the number 10 celebration went, etc. Sounds to me like it was all good. HB to 10 btw.

Jennifer said...

I hope you have a peaceful and reflective Passover with family and friends.

My husband and I are enjoying a week in Maine. I didn't get to make TWD this week, either.