Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TWD: Twofer - Basic Biscuits and Apple Nut Muffin Cake

Basic Biscuits is such an innocent name. But it's recipes like this that make me nervous. It's the ones that seem so simple that can often be the hardest. In general biscuits are pretty straightforward. The ingredients are easy to find. It only took one bowl to mix up, so there were few dishes.

But, and there is a BUT, the biscuits are made or broken with the mixing. Dorie warned us a number of times that a light hand is what makes the difference. Mix less, knead less, fuss less, and you get better biscuits. I'm not good at that. I like a cohesive dough (I'm also lousy at leaving lumps in the pancake/waffle batter like everyone says). I was doing great up until the "knead three or four times" instruction. My dough was not coming together. So I did some more kneading. And then a bit more.

And my gentle patting to get my biscuit dough to a 1/2" was, perhaps, a bit forceful. I cut out my biscuits, and then re-patted the dough for the second round. And then I did it again. I wasn't so confident at this point. Into the oven they went.

Boy was I surprised when they came out of the oven.

Ta dah! Those are actually layers!

Apparently, this dough is rather forgiving. So good to know for future baking! It takes down the intimidation factor just a bit. The flavor was wonderful. I did the buttermilk version. These were lovely warm out of the oven. The few that are left will be breakfast for the Boy and Girl with eggs and cheese. (The request has already been made)

So pleased with the way these rose and split.

The arrangement for the dinner table. The Girl wanted to make sure you saw her placement handiwork. ;-) The Boy painted the plate.

Jennifer of Cooking for Comfort was the host for the biscuits. Thanks, Jennifer!

Due to some family stuff, I wasn't able to post last week's recipe. I did bake it though, so I wanted to share.

More apple baking! Yay! This, apparently, was supposed to be muffins. And then Dorie ran out of time, so it became a cake. Either way, I think it's yummy.

So so moist and delicious. A sprinkling of coarse sugar adds a little crunch to the top.

This was pretty darn easy to put together. Rather a few dishes, but the end result was worth it. I subbed in cinnamon chips for the nuts, and I think it was rather inspired. This was a perfect after school snack for the Girl and Boy. And then breakfast the next morning.

Yum and yum!

This pick was Katrina of Baking and Boys.


Jennifer said...

Your biscuits turned out beautifully!

Thank you for baking along with me this week!

Peggy said...

Those are some "high rise" biscuits!! Delicious. It was nice to have an easy recipe this week. Love the way yours turned out.

Flourchild said...

OK yours are perfect! I love love all the layers! It looks like the kidos are enjoying all the treats!

Nicole said...

Wow, those rose so much! I also think that I handle the dough too much and they turn out ok but not as pretty as yours.

Pamela said...

I didn't bake the biscuits or the apple cake. But I must say, both look fantastic. Those biscuits are what I hope to have come out of my oven when I get to them. So pretty!

Jessica of My Baking Heart said...

Gorgeous biscuits, Jules! :)

Jessica said...

Why didn't I think to make some biscuits for breakfast sandwiches? Why? Yours look so nice and fluffy! And the cake looks great too.

Clivia said...

Those biscuits are super fluffy. Nice! I made the muffin cake back into muffins. Recipe still worked. Posting next week.

Tia said...

they rose so high and look sooooo flaky!!! yum

spike. said...

looks like you have two successes!

Kayte said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it has taken me a bit to make the rounds for this one as I was quite busy last week. Your biscuits look stunningly beautiful with all those layers. The cake is nice, too, and I think that original hand-painted one of a kind plate is just the thing to set it all off nicely. Cute photos of The Boy and The Girl.

Meredith London-Orgiefsky, Artist said...

Nervous? really? Ha! So easy.