Monday, April 20, 2009

No TWD this week. Too much crazy.

Apparently, this is my skip week. I meant to make the bread pudding. I did. But somehow, I didn't.
It's been a crazy week. My niece and I made some Bakerella candy cupcakes (photos coming), we celebrated the girl's eighth birthday, and the husband took the boy to the ER for five stitches. Plus, I got my geek on with the Hearty Boys.
Truth be told, I have a bread pudding recipe that I love, so it's not horrible that I didn't try this one.
Sorry, Lauren of Upper East Side Chronicle that I let you down. But go to her site, and you'll get the recipe and see some wonderful photos. I'll be back next week.

Edited to add: The boy is fine. He's up running around playing Star Wars/Power Rangers with no notice of his wound. Stitches are under his right brow bone. They come out on Thursday.


Peggy said...

I completely understand. .. there's next week, right! Have a great week and sorry about this one.

Cathy said...

Hope your boy is okay!

Chris said...

Can't wait to see your Bakerella pops - I'm so jealous of people with talent like that!

And you didn't miss much with the bread pudding - I also have a recipe that I like a lot too and won't be switching it out. :)

n.o.e said...

Sounds like you have your hands full over there! I look forward to seeing a post sometime of your favorite bread pudding. I need a good recipe for the regular kind.

Kayte said...

Happy Birthday, Girl. Happy Recovery Boy. Happy vacation YOU! Sort of. Vacation from TWD this week anyway. See you next week. Oh, and BTW, today is my birthday, so I think you should give your new friends, Steve and Dan, a call and score me one of those free autographed cookbooks. LOL.

Teresa said...

Didn't we have a chocolate bread pudding on a girl's night? I've always been looking for something similar... any suggestions?


natalia said...

Ciao ! I was very busy too ! I'm glad the boy is ok

Flourchild said...

I understand about crazy! I am swimming in it!