Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Not a TWD: But it's Cookie Carnival Time

This week's recipe was supposed to be the Rosy Poached Pear and Pistachio Tart. And while it sounds delicious, and the title is fun and alliterative, I didn't make it. The recipe had a little too much going on for me after a weekend of enormous eating. Go see Lauren of I'll Eat You to see the tart. I just stopped by, and it's gorgeous.

This month's Cookie Carnival was a group effort. We voted on the cookie that we'd all bake. The winner: Pecan Pie Cookies courtesy of Land O Lakes butter. This was an incredibly easy cookie to make. It was a one bowl dough. Into the fridge for a bit of chill. The pecan topping was also really easy. I added a splash of maple extract because I love it in pecan pie.

The cookies were rolled into medium size balls. Then I got to stick my finger in the middle. Hehehe. The indention was filled with the pecan mix. A 12 minute bake later I had.... a mess. The cookies really spread and the filling leaked out of a lot of the cookies. They stuck to the baking sheet and it was hard to remove them.

For every one of these:

I had a lot more of these:

And these:

The really big problem with the broken cookies? I couldn't put those in the cookie jar! I wouldn't want anyone to see them. You can see where I'm going with this, can't you? I had to hide the evidence of my bad cookie removal. There was only one thing to do. See, did I mention the fact that these cookies taste AMAZING? I think I ate at least four or five or.... I think I'm going to have to try these again. Maybe freeze the dough this time, or use parchment or lots of spray to help stop the stick.

I'll be back next week with sables. Yum!


Lillian said...

I made the tart. Wish I'd made your pecan pie cookies instead!

Susan said...

You get rid of bad evidence like I do! Too funny! I didn't make the tart either. Made Dorie's blueberry pie instead.

SUGAR B said...

Ha! Neither of us made that tart! Oh well, I still want those cookies! Broken or not, they taste the same in my mouth. Yum.

Megan said...

Oh - I hate it when that happens. I'm trying a thumbprint cookie today - my goal is to fill it some with Nutella, some with jam, and some with chocolate. Sounds good, eh?

Pamela said...

This recipe sounded so yummy to me, but I never got them made for the month of November. Maybe I'll give 'em a try this month. We'll see. Oh, and I wouldn't have let those cookies go in the trash either!

Carol VR said...

Sorry to hear they didn't work for you. How disappointing. I found them to be my greatest success thus far. Try it again with parchment papr and I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Tessa said...

Sorry to hear you had troubles removing them! Growing up we always called the broken ones "train wrecks." But hey, it's never bad to make sure the cookies "taste okay" before you take them anywhere :-)