Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TWD: Oatmeal Nutmeg Scones

I've professed my love for a good scone in a previous post. For the most part, they are very easy to make, I generally have the ingredients on hand, and they're pretty tasty. This was no exception.

The only item I didn't have on hand was buttermilk, but it's so easy to clabber milk that I didn't bother to run out and get some. I also decided to sub in some white whole wheat flour for 2/3 c. AP flour. I thought the nutty flavor would compliment the oatmeal. Speaking of nutty, I can't recommend grating your own nutmeg enough. It keeps forever in its "nut" form and absolutely outshines the pre-grated stuff. I also decided to throw in some diced prunes. Good choice.

They came together in a snap. I formed the two circles right on my Silpat. This was a pretty sticky dough, so instead of trying to separate the wedges, I just scored them to start. After they had baked for about 18 minutes, I tookthem out and put enough room between them to ensure crunchy edges.

Post separation.

We tried to let them cool for the whole ten minutes. These were very good. I loved the flavor of the nutmeg with the prunes. The oatmeal and whole wheat flour were a good blend as well. I could see these made with dried apricots or cherries. I could even see me making them.

I love how craggy and rustic these are. Delicious!

Thank you to Patricia from Life with a Whisk for choosing this one.


Cindy said...

I totally agree about nutmeg. Fresh grated nutmeg smell so good. I thought about ww flour, next time. I added some dates. This was one great recipe.

Flourchild said...

They look great and dates are a good addition! I loved this recipe too and I love Scones!!

Nicole said...

Mine didn't rise as much as yours, since I separated them at the beginning of baking. I'll have to remember that for next time.

I added dried apples and they were a nice addition.

Jaime said...

looks great; love the new look of your blog, too!

Meredith London-Orgiefsky, Artist said...

OMG those look delicious. I could use one of those right now.