Sunday, January 04, 2009

Google Reader is overwhelming me

I have a terrible guilt complex.  Google Reader is not helping.  All of the TWD blogs are right there for me to read on Google Reader.

Every Tuesday I have such high hopes.  I start early in the day reading TWD blogs and commenting on as many as I can.  I love to see the comments that people leave for me, so I assume that it's the same for others.

Then maybe I'll come back on Tuesday night.  And the 46 or so active posts have become 120 or so.  So I try to get through some more.

Then on Wednesday there are even more posts.  Some of them aren't even TWD!  (Where do these people find the time and topics?)  So I fall further and further behind.  By Friday I just try to comment on any post from blogs that I missed on Tuesday or Wednesday.  This is murder on the control freak in me.

And now it's Sunday.  I just cleared my Google Reader in preparation for the next TWD.  I erased over 400 active posts.  

I need to get over the idea that I can comment on all the TWD posts.  I will make my peace with Google Reader one day.  In the meantime, sorry for the posts I haven't read, the comments I haven't left, and the recipes that I've missed.

And next week I'll try again.

•••• Edited to add:  The control freak in me had a field-day this afternoon.  I (literally, possibly sadly) looked at every blog on the TWD blogroll.  Originally, I had 478 blogs listed.  If the blogger hadn't posted a TWD post for the month of December, I deleted it from my list.  Now the only people on my list are TWD bloggers.  I still won't comment on everyone, but my narrowed list makes me feel better.  Control freak.


Engineer Baker said...

All I can really say is - join the club :) Depending on my motivation, I'll be able to comment on every single TWD post. But sometimes, I set the deadline of if it hasn't been posted by the time I go to sleep on Tuesday, it doesn't count. And sometimes, I just hit "mark all as read" a couple days later. Guilt trips are overrated.

Jules Someone said...

It's guilt I get over pretty quickly. "Mark all as read" is a good tool.

Karen said...

As much as I love the comments and to comment I only have about 40 TWD people on my reader. I love everyones but I can't get through all of them either. And, I am one of the crazzies filling your reader with extra posts. Sorry!!! :)

n.o.e said...

Oh, I don't even load all the TWD blogroll in my Google Reader. I know that I cannot keep up with 300+ bloggers. I've got a bunch that I follow, and I check out the folks who comment on my blog, and fit more in if I can. I know that I'm missing some amazing and fun blogs, but the time commitment is just too heavy.

karen said...

it's nice that you try to comment as much as you can. i have all the TWD bakers loaded and read almost every post that comes through my reader, but i don't always have the time to comment on each one.

The Food Librarian said...

Amen sister! Sometimes my GR gets over 1,000 with all my crazy blog and newsfeed reading. I have to declare reader bankruptcy and start over all the time. I feel bad because I do want to comment but sometimes I scroll through and wish them a quiet, verbal, "nice"!

Lauren said...

No worries, it's hard to follow every single one. I wish I could. I share your pain. Thanks for commenting on my blog:-)

Kayte said...

OMW...I don't even attempt all this, I pick my top 30 favs (and you are in the top 5 always) and then just close my eyes and shut Clarice down for the night...LOL.

Katrina said...

I try to make it to as many blogs as I can, but just cannot do it! I'm lucky to get to 20-30 on Tuesday and that's about it. I also always try to visit those who leave me comments.
I never feel bad not hearing from more people as I know everyone is in the same boat.
Again, thanks for visiting my blog!

AmyRuth said...

I don't know how some folks get through all the posts they see.
They must never sleep

Joy said...

It's really impressive to me that you read as much as you do!