Monday, July 20, 2009

Not a TWD: Instead, it's a Cookie Carnival!

It's been months since I've participated in the Cookie Carnival baking group. Months. And there have been some really good options. Somehow, I've gotten away from it. Well, now I'm back. This month's recipe is from Giada De Laurentiis. It's a Lemon Ricotta Cookie with Lemon Glaze. I love all things lemon. I had to try it.

This was a simple recipe. It all came together in one bowl. Oh, if you don't own a microplane zester, get one. Now. It's a great kitchen tool. I was curious about the addition of the ricotta cheese. It made a very smooth batter. There wasn't a "cheese" taste at all. I could have eaten just the sweetened ricotta pretty easily. I scooped the cookie dough with my 2 T. cookie scoop, which, by the way, is another great tool. Makes it E.A.S.Y.

These are more like little cakes than cookies. That is not a bad thing. I like a soft cookie. I was hoping for more lemon flavor. Even with the zest of a whole lemon and 3 T. of lemon juice, the flavor was kind of mild. Note to self: use more lemon next time. But wait! There's a lemon glaze! I juiced and zested another lemon and added some confectioners sugar. I did not add as much sugar as the recipe called for. NOW I had the lemon flavor I was looking for. These are really good cookies. They will get added to my ever growing rotation. I could easily see making a lime or lemon/lime version as well.

Naked cookies on the sheet pan. Quick! Cover them up!

Whew! Much better.

I love that you can see the lemon zest in the glaze.

Second note to self: Use waxed paper under the cooling rack before you glaze.

I am very sorry, Susan, of Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy that I did not make the Raspberry Blanc-Manger with you. I love your blog. The raspberries were just not calling out to me. Go to her blog to see some deliciousness.


Megan said...

Lemon cookies were an excellent choice. I skipped the blanc manger too - I just couldn't get into it.

Clivia said...

Sounds good! I've bookmarked the recipe and made a note to add some lemon extract. They look lovely!

Cakelaw said...

These cookies look and sound delicious - I adore citrus.

Kayte said...

Lemon, did you say LEMON???? I, too, love all things lemon. These look particularly delightful and I know a way to clean up those lemon, no, I would never do that! LOL. I should make these soon...very tomorrow.

Pamela said...

This month is almost over and yet I still have not completed this recipe. I've gotta get moving!! Looks yummy.

BAKE-EN said...

I love lemon anything! You should get some lemon oil, I use it alot and it really brightens up lemon desserts.

Jaime said...

i would love to try those cookies! :)

Laurin said...

Ah! So THAT'S where those cookies came from! They were good! Thanks for allowing your husband to share them!