Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TWD:BWJ Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm a big fan of mocha, and I'm a big fan of chocolate chip cookies.  I like them together.  This, however, wasn't the most successful recipe for me.  

It's a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe with the addition of dried apricots.  There is a caveat in the recipe that you should use good chocolate because it calls for A LOT of the stuff - a pound for four dozen cookies.  I didn't have apricots, but I did have dried cherries.  And because they were pretty dry, I re-hydrated them in some kahlua.  More coffee flavor!

I halved the recipe and still got about three dozen cookies.  Apparently, I make small cookies.  These came out very flat.  Very.  Flat.  I tried scooping the dough and refrigerating it again to try to slow/stop the spread, but it didn't make a difference.  The flavor was fine, and there were very chewy.  I couldn't get past the flat, though.  The coffee flavor was much more pronounced after the cookies were allowed to sit for a while.  The dried cherries seemed to just add chew.  Perhaps fresher cherries would be more flavorful.

Behold the flatness!

I could absolutely see adding espresso powder to my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe for a change of flavor.  I don't, however, see myself making these again.

Go see Peggy's blog for great photos and the recipe.


Sweet and That's it said...

Oh no, what a pity they were not a hit for you! I loved them.
I've used dry cherries as well, but did not re-hydrated them.
I even doubled the ingredients (with some changes), split the dough into 4 portions and added different ingredients (such as orange, pecan+walnuts, dried cherries, almonds): a winner in our house.
Maybe the nuts will do the trick!

Jessica of My Baking Heart said...

So sorry these flattened out on you. The first pan I removed from the oven were much flatter than my second, so I sympathize. They still look yummy, though! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry these didn't work for you. Mine also went flat, in a rogue lace cookie kinda way, so I baked them in cupcake pans - and it worked!

Have Apron....Will Bake said...

I used dried cherries too, as I wasn't sure about apricots. And I also used espresso which I think was a good call.
I always find cookies bake up better if very chilled/frozen so they don't spread as much.
Hopefully our next recipe will be a winner for you!

gfcelebration said...

Like you, we also used dried cherries. Our first stab at this recipe was unsuccessful. Everything looked great until we put them in the oven. As they baked, they flattened out - not even staying round - the dough went everywhere. Used more flour with the second try and subbed baking powder for baking soda. This worked, but it still was not one of our favorite recipes.

Katrina said...

First of all, hi! Trying to get my reader changed over to Bloglovin and seeing all the blogs I've been neglecting. sigh
Second, I hear ya about skipping the croissants.
And last, I added more flour to these cookies because I knew they'd be flat seeing the amount of butter and flour. That really helped. But I also left out the coffee, added cocoa instead and left out the dried fruit.

Cathleen | My Culinary Mission said...

I truly enjoyed these. Mine came out a bit flat as well. Hmmm.