Friday, July 18, 2008

Just some food notes from the week

Here's some food stuff.  See!  I said I'd get back to food writing!

1)  Red kale isn't as good as green kale.  Or, at the least the way I made it this time wasn't as good as last time.  It was too chewy.

2)  4 cups of half & half + 1 can of dulce de leche + 2 teaspoons of vanilla + a dash of salt + half a bag of toffee bits = the most amazing ice cream.  Just mix, chill overnight, and churn.  YUM!  Caramel ice cream was the boy's choice for this week.  It's a good one!

3)  I finally am starting to like salmon.  Specifically, salmon on the grill.  I am not a fish eater, so this is a breakthrough.

4)  Mashed sweet potatoes with a little butter, salt, pepper and maple sugar is really tasty.

5)  Chocolate pudding that doesn't set makes for a nice ice cream when you put it in the freezer to decide what to do with it later and then pull it out and just start spooning it into your mouth.  And then your kids come along and decide they want some too and everyone is putting spoons in at the same time and it turns into a spoon war.  Which Mom will always win.  A little chocolate carnage later, we were all happy.

6)  Our big bag 'o veggies is going up $3 a week starting in August.  We decided to keep it because it's been a fun exploration.

7)  Have a nice weekend!

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Dan said...

Somehow I missed that spoon war. Hmm...