Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What I've cooked and what's coming up

I never think about photos of my food until I head to write a blog entry.  So this will be a photo-less entry.  Use your imagination.  Please.

This past weekend was my anniversary, so there was lots of eating out.  I finally cooked again on Monday.  I reached into my big bag 'o veggies and pulled out the garlic scapes, lettuce,  and the collard greens.  I put some chicken sausage on the grill.  I made a salad.  I sauteed a little bacon (remember, it's the law) and put in the scapes and the collards.  Now, while I wouldn't have purchased the collards on my own, we decided that it was pretty good.  I'll amend that to say the adults thought it was pretty good.

Tonight's dinner was courtesy of Robin from Made With Love.  She's a TWD blogger.  I found this recipe when I was trolling for Dorie entries.  I will agree that it was quite good.  I ended up broiling because there was another monsoon in Chicago.  I rounded out the meal with zucchini pancakes and corn on the cob.  Very summery.  Dessert was the girl's pick for ice cream.  It was from the Ben and Jerry cookbook.  Chocolate ice cream with gingersnaps.  Mmmmmm.  It was delicious.  The husband chose peach for the next round.  I'm on the hunt.  Anyone have a good recipe? 

I'll be eating plenty of treyf this weekend.  Friday is the pulled pork shoulder, and Sunday is rib fest in Naperville.  

Happy Fourth to one and all.  I'll be back with berry pie on Tuesday.

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PheMom said...

Dorie has a honey peach ice cream in the book toward the back. I haven't had a chance to make it yet, but hope to tomorrow.