Monday, May 05, 2008

The "good" idea

So a few weeks ago I signed up to receive a shipment of "fresh and organic" vegetables every Friday.  I read about it in Chicago Magazine, and thought, at the time, that it was a good idea.  Then the first Friday came around.  A very nice man came to the door with a big bag of vegetables for me.  Chives, green beans, three new potatoes, a pineapple, and beets.   This week was an easy one in terms of vegetables.  Except for the beets.  I'm pretty sure I have never eaten one.  I was all prepared to make some great things with my fresh and organic vegetables.  

Then this past Friday there's that nice man again.  I look in the fridge and realize that I have wilted chives in the vegetable drawer along with a few wrinkled green beans.  Oh, and look, there are those beets.  And the potatoes on the counter have many many eyes.  I resolve to do better this week.

This time I have asparagus, celery, ramps, spinach, and watercress.  The watercress is wasted on me.  That's one I'm going to have to let go.  I did have celery with salsa as a snack this weekend.  Try it!  It's crunchy and spicy with little or no fat.  The ramps are a slight mystery. I need to do a little research to know how to cook them.  The asparagus was part of a delicious pasta dinner tonight.  Here's a link to the recipe.  It was very easy, and 3/4 of my family loved it.  The girl doesn't like goat cheese.

Tomorrow I experiment with the spinach.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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Donna said...

You know, spinach goes really well in smoothies with bananas...

And beetroot is fun. My Mum used to boil them and then grate them. Fry some onions, some potatoes...Yum!

I roast them and then take the skin off. Keeps some more of the nutrients in.Just makes everyone pee red later LOL.