Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy happy Mother's Day to all of my mom friends.  All in all, it was a pretty good day.  It started with a lovely hand drawn card from the girl and boy and big hugs from both of them.  I should mention that two dozen tulips were delivered yesterday.  I took Sunday School duty and got the girl there on time.  Then I got to go to the local rec center and put in a couple of miles.  I got back to the synagogue, and was able to work on the sweater I'm knitting in peace.  The family came over for a bagel brunch.  I made a chocolate chip bread pudding from left over challah (the recipe will be posted soon) and baked off the espresso cookies.  They were as yummy as I remembered them from the other day.  Dinner was at a local restaurant where they make a decent burger.  And the dessert was on the house.  It was a good day to be a mom.  I'll have to come back and re-read this post on the off chance that I have a day when it isn't so good to be a mom.

I did find something to make with the ramps.  It was a beef/broccoli/ramp stir-fry served over brown rice.  It called for fresh ginger as well.  I liked cooking with the ramps.  I cooked the bulb end like I would regular onion.  And then I chopped the leaves and wilted them at the end.  Even the kids ate it!  I really do need to start taking pictures.  And posting them.  And adding recipes.  Anything else?  

I'll report on the new bag 'o veggies tomorrow.  I'll need something to write about.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great Mom's day Jules : ) I love your blog...very cool....