Thursday, May 15, 2008

Supporting the girl's school tastes lousy

I am the first to admit it.  I am a baking snob.  I rarely, if ever, use mixes.  I don't waste my calories on cakes from mixes.  Baking from scratch is the only way to go.  I routinely insult my friends and decline (politely, of course) offerings from mixes.  

How is it, then, that I have three bags of pre-formed cookie dough in my freezer?  My niece asked us to buy it to raise money for the high school band.  I can't turn her down!  The girl's school tossed it in as an end-of-the-year fundraiser.  I couldn't turn her down either.  We baked up a few of the peanut butter cookies this afternoon.  What they lack in flavor or texture, they make up for with convenience!  Sadly, the boy and girl were just so excited to have a cookie as a snack that they gobbled them up and declared them, "Delicious!"  I suppose that I could just pull them out when there's going to be a sitter, or if the kids have friends over after school.  Maybe I could bake them off and anonymously leave them somewhere.  No one would ever have to know that they were from my kitchen.  And they weren't scratch.


Anonymous said...

OK, this doesn't pertain to the cooking portion of your entry, but... my girl did a fundraiser of frozen cookie dough also. When they arrived, my husband and daughter picked up the cookie dough and put in on the dining room table (out of sight) to store it until we could get it to the people who bought it. It was at least 3 days before I thought to ask where the FROZEN cookie dough was... finding out that it had been sitting for 3 days in the afternoon sun. What is more enjoyable than hitting up family & friends to buy this stuff and then have to reimburse for their purchases because it spoiled on your dining room table!!!!

Can't wait to give PJ your creamed spinach recipe :)


Lainie said...

I am TOTALLY with you. They're the cookies I bring when I know folks aren't picky and when they are appreciative of ANY sort of food...

Sis said...

Bake them? You're supposed to bake them? The two buckets in my freezer have seen nothing but a spoon, nary an oven or spatula in sight.