Saturday, June 21, 2008

And here's another big bag 'o veggies

Here we have another Friday and another big bag 'o veggies.  And this week it really was big.  The last of the asparagus was delivered.  There was some more salad mix and a little bit of spinach.  New for this week were peas, pea vines, and kale.  Kale is huge!

The pea vines and kale threw me a little.  Unfortunately, the pea vines were a little slimy, so even had I known what to do with them, they were mostly unusable.  The kale is a little tricky.  Almost every recipe I've seen calls for a soup, stew, or pesto.  None of these are especially summery dishes.  The pesto would not make it past the lips of the boy or girl.  I know I'd get a "I like it, but it's not my favorite" at best.  I found this recipe that I thought might work.  I'm planning on serving it with a little grilled chicken.  We'll start with salad greens and I'll use the asparagus as well.  Woo hoo!  Three items in one meal.  I'll just snack on the peas.  Yum!

I'm using some of my vanilla beans and those six egg whites left over from the ice cream to make these.  I'll let you know how that turns out as well.

Oooh, and I used some of last week's chives to make Chive Cheddar Scones.  I found this recipe, and used chives instead of scallions.  I also cut it in half, because six scones was plenty.  They were eaten fairly voraciously.  I'll be making them again.

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