Sunday, June 01, 2008

The last big bag 'o veggies for May

This week was a strange combination of things.  We have:  arugula, sunchokes, saute mix, radishes, sweet potato, and crimini mushrooms.

You may notice that I said sweet potato.  As in one.  One sweet potato.  Hmmmm.  And the saute mix?  It's "baby cooking greens that have a wonderful flavor raw."  That's from the newsletter.  Does anyone else see the irony in cooking greens that are wonderful raw?  Good.  It's not just me.  

I actually used five, count 'em, five things from my bag today.  I made radish pickles from a recipe in the newsletter.  I'll tell you how they turn out tomorrow.  They're supposed to sit for 24 hours before eating.  The vinegar did turn a lovely shade of pink already, though.  (Updated to add a photo and the decision that radish pickles are good!  Tangy and crunchy and yum!)

Dinner tonight was a salad made of the saute mix.  And they were pretty good raw.  I made a saute of the criminis and some onions.  Served that over flank steak.  I made a mash of the sweet potato and the sunchokes.  Normally, I love mashed sweet potatoes.  I microwave them until they are soft, mash up the insides in a bowl, add salt, pepper, butter, and maple sugar.  And then eat until I am full.  The sunchokes didn't really add much.  They contributed an earthy flavor that didn't compliment the sweet potato.  Oh well.  Live and learn.

I made, for the first time, homemade biscuits tonight.  I was surprised at how easily they came together.  They were very good tasting as well.  They were, perhaps, a little heavy.  I think with experience, I'll be able to use a lighter hand with them.

My TWD baking is complete.  I'll have full details tomorrow!

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