Monday, June 23, 2008

Using up some stuff

Yesterday I decided to use up some of my veggies and a few other things I had hanging around the house.

Remember the ice cream with the six egg yolks?  (Which, on a side note was devoured by my husband's friends.  Thank you for saving my hips!)  That left me with six egg whites.  And did I mention that I have a pound of vanilla?  Naturally, that led to meringues.  I did a search.  Thank you internet!  I found a recipe for vanilla bean meringues.  I made those.  They were yummy.  (Another side note: I just realized that I forgot to add the liquid vanilla.  Hmmmm.)  They taste just like a crunchy toasted marshmallow.  Considering I'll be making more ice cream, I'm sure there will be more meringues as well.  They didn't puff up a whole lot, but that could be due to the oil content in the vanilla beans.   The link for this recipe is in the previous post.

Next up is the kale ragout.  The husband liked it.  The kids and I felt it was a little too bitter.  I'm glad to have tried it, but I don't think I'll be making it again.  Also from our big bag:  asparagus on the grill.  There's not much better.

The final effort is homemade vanilla extract.  I have an abundance of vanilla beans.  And I had a bottle of Absolut Citron that has been in my freezer for an inordinately long time.  It's never been opened.  Can you tell I'm not much of a drinker?  You just pour it in a jar, split open some beans and drop them in.  Keep it in a cool dry place, and in six or eight weeks I should have some interesting orange vanilla.  Here it is on day two.  I'll keep letting it steep and post pictures every once in a while.

Next post:  Tomorrow is a TWD!  I have reports, photos, and next week's treat!

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Shari said...

I've got some vanilla beans steeping too, but not in Absolut Citron! That will be extra delicious, I bet!
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